Dash/Deck LED Lights

Dash/Deck LED Lights

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New LED Dash/Deck Light

Here is one of our Dash/Deck LED Lights, it has 18 - 1 watt LED Linear Tubes, it is available in many color combinations.  These lights are ideal for many locations.  The lights are extremely bright and have 16 different flash patterns to choose from.  Colors available are: Red, Blue, Amber, and White, as well as two different colors example Red/Blue.   

$69.99 *
Could be as much as 14 day delivery time on some products.

LED Sticks

Here is one of our Dash/Deck lights, it has 4 LED light heads which are linear type and colors can be arranged as all one color or a mix of two colors, this light is very bright for an affordable price. 

$129.99 *
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